Elise and Chris


How We Met

It is no secret that our love story is different from most. A girl from the Southern California mountains and a guy from the sunniest part of England; Essex. How do they meet? We didn’t go on a blind date or meet through a mutual friend. We didn’t fall in love with a coworker or a childhood friend. Instead, imagine the most wild weekend getaway you can with some of your closest friends – the kind of weekend where you know you will talk about it for years afterward and all you want to do is go out and party each night away. That’s it – our fateful moment happened in the most unexpected of places at the most unexpected of times… can you guess where?

Las Vegas! That’s right, in the middle of the pounding music and the ocean of swaying club-goers on the dance floor of LAX, Luxor’s nightclub, we locked eyes when our two groups bumped into each other. Who anticipates meeting their better half while clubbing in Sin City? Certainly not us!

Both groups got to dancing and enjoying each other’s company so much so that we stayed in the club until it closed at 4am. We quickly made plans to meet up the next day at the pool, we both secretly hoped that the other would be there. A fantastic day in the sun turned into meeting again that night before Elise’s group had to head back to California. As morning dawned, we were both deeply saddened by the fact that we would most likely never see each other again. However, due to some quick thinking on the part of Elise’s friend, Kayla, and with the help of Facebook, we were able to keep in touch.

In fact, we never stopped messaging each other! The spark of friendship soon flamed into romance and a plane ticket to London at the end of the summer to see where this whirlwind of a story would take them. As soon as we spotted each other at the Costa Coffee in the arrival’s gate of Heathrow airport, we knew this was it; we had found each other and we could begin writing the first chapter of our love story


how they asked

Romantic movies are favourites for both of us, but there’s one movie in particular that gives us the warm fuzzies and makes us cry every time: Love Actually. The opening scene has always been special for us as we have fond memories of Heathrow airport. Chris, without any previous knowledge or experience with film or film editing, created an incredible surprise proposal video. Elise thought they were just going to watch their favourite movie again, but what she ended up with was something truly special. Here is Chris’ introduction to his video which he posted on YouTube:

“On Christmas Eve, 2015, I asked Elise to marry me. We watch Love Actually every year and had just sat down to watch it again (our 3rd Christmas watching it) when I surprised her with this proposal video. I had secretly emailed her family and friends, most of whom lived thousands of miles away in the United States, asking if they would help me by sending video clips that would get Elise to “say yes”. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Thanks to all those who sent in their videos; it meant a great deal to both of us and we now have this as a keepsake for our special moment.”

Our Video

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