Elise and Aaron

Elise and Aaron's Engagement in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Aaron and I have actually crossed paths our entire life. We live 20 minutes down the road from eachother, were in sport programs together, and I had visited his home church a few times myself. But it wasn’t till college that we actually met each other. We are both music education majors, his focus on band and mine on choral. We had seen eachother around the school, but him being older than me caused us to never have classes together. Fall semester of 2016 that all changed. We both had an education class together and started to talk. At first there was nothing romantic, I just thought he was the sweetest boy I had ever met. He offered to help with my projects and homework and even let me borrow his laptop for basically a week. Around this time I had found myself taking interest in him and wondering if he maybe felt the same. I heard from a mutual friend that he felt this way but “didn’t think he had a chance with me”. He was so wrong. From then on we started talking more and more and expressed our feelings for eachother. I wanted to wait before we started anything too serious to make sure it was the right decision because I knew this guy was to amazing to loose. He was so patient and said he would wait however long i wanted. Over Christmas break we talked every single day almost non stop. I was FALLING for this boy and realized that he was almost to perfect for me to be true. I knew I wanted to date him but I asked him if we could wait until our first real date out to make it official. We planned to go to Atlanta Botanical Gardens on December 29….but I actually didn’t wait that long because on Christmas Eve I told him I could not wait any longer and that I was dying to make it official. We went on our date on the 29th and on the way back home I blurted out “I love you” hoping it wouldn’t completly crash and burn our newly founded relationship. Luckily, he told me he had been dying to say that to me all night long. Ever since then we have been more and more in love everyday and we both knew we were meant to be together forever.

how they asked

The Proposal was actually something I had mentioned jokingly to him a while back saying “you know if you proposed at the botanical Gardens that would be just perfect” him responding with “nah, that would be way to obvious”. Now I knew that our engagement was on the timeline because we had gone to look at rings and such, I just had no idea how soon it would be. On our first date their was a certain place that we hold dear because he actually made me close my eyes until he was ready to show me the beautiful atlanta skyline. Well on December 29th of 2017 he took me back to this same place and told me he had something beautiful to show me again. He then began to get on one knee and tell me how amazing this last year has been and that he wants to spend all the rest of his years with me. It was the most beautiful proposal I could ever dream of. He actually struggled to get the box open after trying to hide it from me all day and sitting on it multiple times which just made me laugh at how cute and goofy he is.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

It was perfect in every way possible.

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