Elisavet and Panagiotis

How We Met

Although we have been co-workers in L’Oreal Greece for almost 2 years, we have never met.
But there was THAT day, that he saw me at the corridor ( he actually checked me )!
After that day, he found out my name & came up with numerous ways to open up a discussion.
He was so obsessed with me that he was waiting for me outside the firm for hours, just to say hello.
At that time, I decided to proceed with a laser surgery as I had 10 degrees of myopia. So, he took the chance to talk to me, pretending that he was interested to find out details about the process. That was only the beginning.

how they asked

After one year and a half, having the relationship of my dreams, he decided to propose to me!
On Friday, 14th of September 2018, he implemented his plan. He rent a Lincoln Stretch Limo, which was waiting for me outside of our house! I was totally shocked! We had a private driver, a car salon fully equipped with champagne and a bouquet of red roses. He made a reservation on a magical restaurant by the sea, where we ate and enjoyed each others company! But he kept the best part for the end of our night.. The limo drove us from the restaurant to a 5 star hotel at the suburbs of Athens, where he booked a junior suite for his proposal. Everything was set for this unique moment of our eternal life!

He asked me to wait at the reception for a few minutes and then to meet him in our room. The floor was covered by roses and a path of candles, which led me to a bottle with a message with below words:
“We are almost 2 years together..
One hug
One heart
One tear
One soul”

Then a second path of candles, led me to a handcrafted box in our bed.. I opened it and I found another message as follows: “Do you want to embrace all of the above for the rest of our lives? “

He stood on his knees by offering me, my “precious”….

Proposal Ideas At one of the small luxury hotels of the world in Athens, Greece

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