Elisabeth and Justin's Adorable Photoshoot Proposal on the Beach

How We Met

I was volunteering full time at a local ministry when I first met Justin. It was his first day there and I remember shaking his hand and feeling an instant connection which totally surprised me!  He added me on Facebook shortly after and started making some moves, unfortunately the timing wasn’t right for me at that moment.  It really began for us several months later when we caught up at a local coffee shop. After seeing him, I ran into a friend and told her about Justin. Oddly enough she had a similar story about how she met her husband, they even met at the exact same coffee shop! Go figure!  Fast forward to today….I love every moment with this man and I’m thrilled to spend the rest of my life with him!!

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how they asked – by the bride

Justin proposed to me early Saturday morning, during a photo shoot where I was under the impression that we were helping his friend “broaden her portfolio,” but instead this moment had been planned over a month ago! It was perfect! His planning, the weather, the timing, etc. He asked my father’s permission a couple weeks ago, which explained the surprise visit my family made when they found out that he was proposing during the photo shoot.
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how they asked – by the photographer

This proposal was a photographer’s dream. Justin contacted me months in advance and we came up with the perfect plan to get Elisabeth in front of the camera. I told her that I was looking for a couple to model in a sunrise shoot one weekend. I spoke with her numerous times on the phone and via email to coordinate colors and such…she wasn’t suspecting a thing! Justin and I came up with a “cue” so that he would know when to get on a knee. I had Elisabeth walk out towards the water to get a shot from behind and when I told her I was done, Justin was there on a knee.  The best part besides the obvious romance of the day??? ….The beach was SO foggy that morning that even though there where other people walking around, it was as if they where the only two in the world for that moment. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Special Thanks

Jessica Brass
Jessica Brass