Elisabeth and Isaac


How We Met

Isaac and I met in March of 2015. I was a graduate student at the time working towards my PhD in Genetics. As a result it was hard for me to meet men so I turned to online dating (OkCupid). The experience was initially horrible. I had so many bad experiences with guys not being reliable or were downright creepy.

I was completely fed up so I decided to delete my profile and give up but I had already made a date with this one guy (OkCupid said we were a 96% match!). He seemed nice and was a hiker and runner – two things I also loved to do. I had previously canceled on him because I was sick, so I felt bad about canceling again (even though I was fairly convinced he would be a dud like the rest of the guys I had met). So I decided to have this date be my last and then I resigned myself to being single forever (or at least the rest of graduate school). That guy was Isaac.


I went out on our first date with a bad attitude and I honestly thought it was awful. I distinctly remember going into the bathroom to text one of my best friends to tell her that it was awkward and that I was definitely done with the dating game for awhile. When I got home after our date I had a text waiting for me from Isaac telling me that he had a nice time and would like to see me again.

I waited hours to respond. Compared to the other guys I had gone on first dates with he was polite and seemed genuinely nice. He didn’t say anything offensive and wasn’t condescending. So my friends finally convinced me that all first dates are awkward and that he appeared to be leagues above the other guys I had met – so maybe a second date would be worth it.

So I finally replied to Isaac and told him that a second date sounded good. Within a few minutes he replied happily and commented that the wait to hear back was the longest of his life.

Unfortunately it took a couple of weeks to have our second date because I had to travel to a conference for work. Once we had our second date it was much better but I still wasn’t convinced. I had decided to give him one more date and then call it if I still was unsure. For date three we went on a hike – something we both love to do.


I had a great time. We had fun, enjoyed being outside and he made me laugh nonstop – so we kept going out! Then at the end of June he went away for a week to go hike a mountain with a friend from work and to meet his dad at camp. This meant that he would have no cell reception or internet so we wouldn’t be able to contact me.

I completely understood and we made plans to meet once he got back. Then he headed out. The next day I woke up to an email from him – and everyday while he was gone I received a morning email! Before he left he had written emails to me for every day that he was gone and scheduled them to be sent to me.


It was at that moment that I became convinced that I had lucked out this time and had truly found a man who had a heart of gold, was handsome, trustworthy, funny and kind. From that moment on I never looked back! Since then he’s stood by me and supported me through the completion of my PhD, the start of a new job and the training of my first marathon (he even ran the whole thing with me). He truly swept into my life and proved to me that good men do exist!

how they asked

Isaac and I moved in together pretty quickly (only 7 months after we met) and we  were (and are) very happy. I knew we would eventually get engaged and get married but I didn’t want to rush him and I was secure in knowing how much he loved me.

On October 14th, we made plans to go to his sisters for a family dinner and he asked me to go hiking with him before. So we met after work and we went to hike Beech Mountain in Acadia National Park. It was a lovely fall evening. We get to the top and were enjoying the views.

After a few minutes Isaac asks a couple who were also at the top of the mountain if they would take our photo. We put our arms around each other and smile and then the next thing I know Isaac is getting down on one knee and is telling me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of our lives together.


I was shocked and in tears and I only managed to shake my head yes when he said those final works “will you marry me?”. The couple erupted into a cheer and I managed to stop crying long enough to get the ring on!


Afterwards we enjoyed the summit and then met his family for a lovely dinner. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening or a more perfect man to get to spend the rest of my life with. Every single day I am so grateful that I gave him a chance and stopped letting my bitterness over all the other bad experiences skew my opinion of him.


He is truly the perfect man for me – he makes me laugh like no other. He is the other half of my heart and in him I’ve found my home! <3


All of these photos, minus the running and proposal ones (taken by a friend and a stranger respectively) were taken by us with a timer!) :)

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