Elisabeth and Dallas

Image 1 of Elisabeth and Dallas

How We Met

Dallas and I both went to a small Christian college in Wilmore, KY. I was the geek who spent all of her time in the library studying, while Dallas was the cool baseball player who never stepped foot into the library. I remember the first time I saw Dallas, I was eating in the cafeteria and the baseball players came in and sat close by. The first time I saw him, I knew I was in love. But there was zero chance of him ever noticing me and I was not confident enough to make the first move so I let him slip away.

Years past.

I was in the parking lot of a small town diner in Lexington, KY. I was sitting in my car, feeling very nervous. I was about to go on my first date with that same cute baseball player from college. I couldn’t believe that after all these years, my chance to get to know him had finally came!

After our dinner, we had a James Bond movie night and have been together ever since. This has literally been my dream come true!

How They Asked

Saturday, July 3rd, was my birthday and my family was having a cookout at the farm to celebrate. Dallas told me that he hid my present in a box, on the farm somewhere and I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find it. We got to the farm early and when it was time to go searching, Dallas drove me around the farm on our ranger. He drove me all around the farm and there was no box to be found. We made it to the back of the farm where my brother has cleared out a spot for a family cabin. Dallas told me the box was hidden somewhere in the clearing. I got out and was looking everywhere for the box but couldn’t find it. I had finally given up my search and when I turned around to ask him where it was, there he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand.

There was no one around, just me and him, and it was truly perfect.

You should also know that Dallas had always told me that he would never propose on a special occasion (no holiday, no anniversary, and no birthday), so I was completely surprised and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Image 2 of Elisabeth and Dallas