Elisa and Stath

How We Met

Stath and I met when I was in Physical Therapy graduate school. He had been hurt at that time for about three years and came into our Spinal Cord Injury lab to teach us how to work with patients who suffered from Spinal Cord Injuries. When he rolled in, I thought he was the most handsome guy I’d ever seen! When he began to speak, he was just as hilarious as good looking and I was hook, line and sinker! We have been together ever since!

Image 1 of Elisa and Stath

how they asked

Stath brought me to one of my favorite places, a winery by our house, for what I thought was a birthday party. When I went outside, I saw all of our friends and family and I knew it was finally happening! It was so amazing to have everyone we love, who have helped us through so much, there on our special day to share it with us! We drank lots wine and celebrated the night away! We are so excited for what the future brings! (Note my Grandma in the picture! She was so excited, she jumped up and ran in between us before he could even pop the question! We will cherish these memories forever!)Image 2 of Elisa and Stath

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