Elisa and Daniel

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How We Met

It was my 21st birthday, and he went with his friends to the bar I was going to. We knew who each other were because he added me on FB (LOL) a month or so before. I didn’t make the best first impression (got sick on myself, and partially on him), and he had to help my friend get me in the car. Even still, he asked me for my number the next day.

how they asked

I lost my grandpa and one of my aunts before I met him, but he knew just how important being at my grandparent’s house was to me. It was Mother’s Day, we were celebrating with my family, at my grandma’s house. The roses had just started to bloom, and I was telling him how much her garden meant to me and that it’s always been my favorite part of the house. A little time passes, my other grandma shows up, and he starts pulling me towards the roses to “show me” something. He holds my hand and starts to tell me how he knows how much I love being at my grandmas where I grew up, and being around my family. Then it happens, he gets down on one knee, and asked me the question every girl dreams of. I said, yes. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing man that put so much thought into where he would propose to me. And, he loves me enough to allow me to choose to honor my grandparents, who were married 50 years before my grandfather passed away 2 months later, and get married on their wedding day. It will be a day full of emotions, but I hope and pray that we will have just as amazing of a marriage as they did.

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