Elisa and Brock

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How we met

The first moment I met Brock was actually when one of our mutual friends set me up on a date with another one of his friends. Life moved on, and I began a weekly mentor program for refugee youth. I knew that Brock liked rock climbing, and so I had our mutual friend invite him to come help out for the afternoon. It was a blast, and Brock began to show up week after week. This is where we got to know each other and became friends. We began to go to the rock climbing gym together, hang out, and eat del taco. He says the moment he knew I was the one was when after already eating 9 tacos at the restaurant, pulled out 2 from my pocket during the showing of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Brock then invited me on a trip to Banff, Canada. On that trip I fell in love with Brock. I saw that we was a good friend, a good brother, treated others kindly and could make me laugh. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Brock asked me if we could go be models for our friend’s videography company. This wasn’t something unusual, as we had gone to video for him before. As we are climbers, we thought it would be cool to get a shot of us rappelling. Brock picked me up from school and drove me to a new place I had never been before. We met our videographer friend. As we pulled up to the trail, I could detected the faint smell of tacos, but kept that to myself. We began hiking and our friend began filming. We got to the cliffs that we were going to rappel, and our friend set up his drone to record us. Brock took me to the top of the rock. Our friend in the meantime was actually setting up a blanket with cute things that are meaningful to us like a wristband from our first date activity, pictures of us, tacos, flowers, etc.. Brock instructed me to not let go, no matter what happened (he was scared I would be so shocked that I would let go of the rope lol). Brock went down first. As I went down, it just felt like a normal rappel. I had done this before. But as I got over the final ledge, to my surprise, I found Brock with a ring in his hand. It was a rappel to remember.

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