Elijah and Jenelle

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How We Met

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Elijah for the first time making everything around me suddenly become still. Of course thinking to myself saying “Jenelle, DON’T STARE!”, but I couldn’t resist. His piercing brown eyes met mine for a split second. My heart dropped. All of this was going on in the middle of a party I was hosting at my apartment. Trying not to make it so obvious, I had to make my way across the room to see him up close. Dancing awkwardly, with a few shoves and some elbows I finally made my way over to him. Our eyes met again, but this time more intense and with a smile he said “Hey i’m Elijah..”, and the rest is history.

how they asked

I was nervous as anyone would be when proposing to the woman of their dreams. I told myself, “Elijah, you can do this. Toughen up!” I had her friend bring her blind folded in order to keep it a semi surprise, until the blind fold came off. She started to walk down towards me, I said a little prayer to calm my nerves. Getting closer my heart started to pound more and more until I was able to take the blind fold off of her. Seeing her beautiful blue eyes made me suddenly come to peace. I was overwhelmed with calmness and reassurance that she was the one that I needed to spend eternity with!

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