Elicia and Seth


We made plans to go standup paddle boarding Saturday morning and Seth was up and ready way before our planned departure, so I decided to take my time waking up. Seth started to get a bit pushy for me to hurry it up, so I decided to not brush my hair, or put on any makeup since WE were in such a rush to get in the water. (something I will never do again!)

When we arrived at our “secret beach”, the place of our 1st beach date/kiss I noticed a homeless man sleeping on the sand, but continued past him  to look for shells prior to our paddle. Before I even had the chance to find a hidden gem, I was summoned to grab my board to start our adventure. As I made my way back to my man, who still had on his t-shirt and now a beach towel adorned over his shoulders, I started to tease him how he is not wearing that out in the water! He then pulled me close, covered both of our heads with the towel (the same way he did for our first kiss) and gazed into my eyes.

IMG_7407 copy

The moment he said “Elicia do you know how much I love you?” I knew this was IT!! He then got down on one knee,  and with shaking hands opened a box to the most beautiful sparkler I have ever seen! It was at this moment I heard a “clicking” sound and realized the man who I took for homeless was our good friend/photographer whom Seth hired to capture our special moment.


We took some beautiful photo’s on the beach and everything felt like a fairy tale. We got on our boards, laughing with pure joy when all of a sudden a huge group of paddlers were making their way towards us. As they got closer I saw they were all of our close friends, meeting us with bottles of champagne to toast our engagement! As we all started back towards the beach, a whole new group of friends were awaiting our arrival for the beach party Seth planned complete with drinks, food and music!

He did such an amazing job, and I wouldn’t change one thing about it! Well, maybe to have at least brushed my hair for the pictures!



Photos by Maui Digital Images