Elicia and David

Image 1 of Elicia and David

How We Met

We met on high school and we lived around the corner from one another. He was two grades ahead of me. One day after I graduated we ran into each other while he was on leave from the Marines. We dated a while, but went our separate ways. 16 years later he sent me a friend request on social media. One year later we went on our first date and have been together every since. We have had a long distance relationship and have managed to make it work.

How They Asked

I was working on emails sitting on the floor & listening to music. Brian McKnight at that exact moment. He came in the house, stood in the doorway and stared at me for a minute in my organized mess. He came over to me got down one one knee and told me that I was his forever & asked me if I would I marry him. He asked my dad, mom and son if he could spend forever with me. It was the perfect proposal.