Eliana and Victor

How We Met

I met him in high school 2009, this was in Arizona. Before he finished school he gave me his number and email, we talked but it was not too often. He was very focused in school and I was the same way. December 2011 was when we began to talk, he was now living in Nebraska he was a sophomore in college at UNL. That night we talked for 4 hours…..the rest is history. May 8 2012, it was his summer break, he came to visit me we had been talking for 6 months. That evening sitting down near a beautiful lake park we talked until the sun went down. Shortly after the we both paused then he asked me if I could be his girlfriend….me and victor had a 2 year long distance relationship in the beginning of our relationship, it wasn’t easy seeing eachother twice a year but we managed to stay together. More than lovers we became best friends…..December 2014 he finally gratuated from college, then he got his own apartment and came to live in Arizona, we were no longer in a long distance relationship…..it has been wonderful, now we see eachother almost every day….

how they asked

3 years later, being in this beautiful relationship….. Feburary 15th 2016 Victor took me to the top of a mountain where we could see almost the entire city with the most beautiful view of the sunset, we talked about our love and how God brought us together. After leaving he asked me if he could take me to a destination but I had to cover my eyes, we drove aproximetly 40 min I had no idea where we were going, then it was time to get out he held my hand and walked me through….I opened my eyes to a beautiful candle sign lighting at me asking, “Will you Marry Me?” With pictures of us and rose petals all around, then he got down on his knees & asked me to marry him, I SAID YESSSS!!!! DREAMS DO CAME TRUE….