Elexis and Jeff

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How We Met

We matched each other on Tinder. I wasn’t really using the app at the time but the day I matched him I was with my best friend. Her old boyfriend was taking FOREVER in the shower while we were waiting to go out. While I was waiting I just thought I would swipe through Tinder quick. I stop at Jeff and asked my friend “what do you think of him” her response was “Naah, his arm muscles are too big”. For 1. Who complains about arm muscles and for 2. His smile made my heart smile so I swiped right, closed the app and went on our way. The next day we were in the same situation. I thought “hey I wonder if that guy matched me”. Right at the top, I see a message from him “you have a beautiful smile”. We talked for a week or so. He asked me to go to Ribfest (our now must do every year) but I was too nervous to open my heart for someone new. After that weekend he called me and said he really enjoyed talking to me and would love to see where this could go and he promised he would never hurt me. I appreciated and really enjoyed the effort he took to call me so we made a date. We were going to go to the beach and have lunch somewhere nearby. Nervous about a beach date I was so unsure what to wear. Are we walking on the beach? Are we swimming? Should I bring a towel? If we don’t swim I’ll just say the towel is to sit on. So I threw on a top and shorts with a baseball cap so I looked like I was ready to swim but also not that much. I should have just asked. I showed up at the beach and we ended up parking on different sides so I told him I would meet him at the boardwalk. On the way over, an elderly woman stopped me to ask if I could hold her dog while she went to the bathroom. I can’t say no to some dog cuddles so I said yes even though I was already late. We ended up walking the beach trail, sat at the lighthouse and talked for hours. We laughed that I was extra late because I stopped to watch a dog and learned we are both the biggest dog people, he made harmless fun that I told him I was in a kale salad kick because in his words “no one actually likes kale”. We both expressed our love for ice cream and chocolate milk. When we decided to go for lunch we walked into town past an ice cream parlour. Jeff stopped and asked, “do we want to have ice cream for lunch?” So that’s what we did. After that, the search was over. He texted me after the date asking when he gets to see me again. When I said let’s plan something he asked if I was free tomorrow. So the next day we had our 2nd date and our first kiss, we had 2 dates the next day where I met his best friend and their family and another date the day after that. My dog loved him and we couldn’t get enough of eachother. When I matched him on Tinder he lived 3 hrs away and didn’t think it would work because of the distance. After we talked a bit, it was like it was fate, he told me he was moving to MY HOME TOWN. I thought to myself, this has got to be it. 3 and a half years later we’re still eating ice cream for lunch together on dates, he complains when I make him kale salad for dinner, he laughs that I wore that beach outfit and I always notice him smile when he looks at my smile.

How They Asked

On new year’s eve, Jeff wanted to have a “just us” day. We had to cancel our plans anyway but we decided not to invite people over, make some delicious drinks and enjoy the New Year celebrations together. Getting closer to the ball drop Jeff we talked about how great the new year will be for us. We mixed some drinks and I *thought* I saw the time change to 11:59. I thought “Okay, I have a minute to go to the bathroom, I’ll go fast”. There was no count down on the TV so I thought I was safe. I ran into the bathroom. Jeffrey yells “what are you doing? Why did you decide to go to the bathroom 10 seconds before the ball drop?”. Every year I usually record us at 12 kissings to bring in the new year together and keep that memory. I looked at the TV from the bathroom and still didn’t see the count down. Then I hear 5..4.. I pull up my pants saying “oh no, I thought there was more time” I think about recording our kiss and turn back to see my phone on the bathroom counter. At the same time, I hear the TV say 2..1 and see Jeff come into the bathroom door.

I know I’m too late so I just go in for the kiss in our bathroom doorway as he goes down on one knee and asks “Elexis, will you marry me?”. My mind blanked and I just had the biggest stupid smile on my face, I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask “Is this for real?” I said yes with the happiest of tears in my eyes. It’s the silliest proposal story and yet it is my favorite moment of all time and its absolutely perfect to me that he just wanted to share the moment together to start the New Year! Now I have the most beautiful ring on my finger, the most handsome fiance by my side and a proposal story that will forever make me smile.

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Special Thanks

Charlotte Buckle
 | Photographer