Eleni and Dominick

Image 3 of Eleni and Dominick

How We Met

We both swiped right! On the day of the 2018 NFL draft, Dominick started our first conversation about the NY Giants draft pick. After being mutually excited we knew we had to meet in person. We spent hours on our first date talking about everything and after that day we both knew this was it and deleted that trusty dating app. While we have a mutual love for football, our love has grown into so much more.

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How They Asked

We’ve been planning to go to the Edge in NYC since it had opened, we finally made plans to go with some of our friends. Once we got up to the top we posed for some pictures (or what I thought were pictures) and as I turned to walk away Dominick asked me to marry him. While the entire Edge cheered I said yes (although I don’t remember and had to ask afterward LOL!). Once we arrived home Dominick had all our family and friends surprise us for an engagement party at the house. Being surrounded by so much love made the day extra special. This has truly been the best day of my life.

Image 2 of Eleni and Dominick

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