Eleni and Basil

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How We Met

Basil and I were both at the right place at the right time. Basil and I met at a family wedding in New Mexico in the early fall of 2015. The ceremony had passed, and quite frankly, so did the reception, with neither of us saying one word to each other. After the reception, Basil ended up going back to his hotel room to sleep, and I went to my cousins hotel room where a lot of the bridal party was, for an after party. One of the groomsmen (who is also Basil’s cousin), ended up losing his luggage and had zero idea as to where it was. I had been friends with this groomsmen for a while, so of course I offered to help him search the whole hotel for his belongings. By the way, it is about 3:30 in the morning when all of this is occurring! After several knocks on doors and calls to other family members, we had one last hotel room to check, and yes, it was Basil’s room. We banged and banged on Basil’s door, and after about the hundredth bang, I started to walk away. As I was walking away, Basil opened the door. We said about two or three words to each other, and that was that. I did not think anything of it, and the night soon ended. The next day, Basil’s cousin texted me asking if it was alright to give Basil my number. Well, the rest is history! OH! We did find the luggage also!

how they asked

Basil popped the question on November 26, 2016! Basil’s birthday was a week later, and I planned a trip to Pittsburgh for us to celebrate. The night before we got engaged, Basil’s mom told me that she planned a helicopter ride for Basil’s birthday and a fancy dinner for the two of us after our helicopter journey through downtown. I was so excited to have this experience with Basil.

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Now, it’s November 26th, Basil and I are getting ready to leave the house for our night on the town. As it was time to leave the house, his parents wished us a good night, and that was it. I did not think anything of it, and went off with my Basil. We flew through downtown Dallas, holding hands and extremely thankful we got to have this experience together. As we went to land, his whole family was waiting for us outside, holding a huge banner that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BASIL” & all I could do was smile, and point out the banner to Basil in excitement. He was so happy! We got out of the helicopter, and as we started walking towards his family, Basil turned towards me and said, “Hold on honey, I have something for you!” That is when Basil proposed to me, and then MY whole family rushed out of the lobby!

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The banner was turned over, written on it “MARRY ME?”After hugs, kisses, and some champagne, we all went to celebrate at the restaurant my future Mother In Law picked. It was absolutely the best night of my life. And… I SAID YES!

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