Elena and Scott

It was a beautiful day and Scott had come over to my place in the morning to tell me we were going on a date. He told me not to worry about anything just that I needed to dress up. I had no idea at this point what was going on and was slightly perplexed, but excited about the day! We had stopped at his parents quickly to grab a few things and have a quick bite to eat. I was curious as to why we were stopping there, since Scott told me we were going on this fancy date. I thought maybe their date consisted of going to eat and visit with Scott’s parents which was totally fine. Afterwards, Scott and I went for a drive to the beautiful Munsinger Gardens (one of my favorite places to go). Scott & I made their walk way to the top of the gardens and just then at the perfect moment when I was looking at something else for a brief moment there was Scott down on one knee. Seconds later I turned around and was speechless. I cried many tears of joy for several minuets and of course said “YES”. It was such a beautiful moment!! He then informed that the whole reason he had to stop at his parents house was to grab the ring ? We recently just set a date and are getting married April 21, 2018!

Image 1 of Elena and Scott