Elena and Miles

Image 1 of Elena and Miles

How We Met

Miles and Elena and Miles met unexpectedly at the local Bar Tulia restaurant in Naples Florida. Miles caught her eye while standing off to the side of the bar with his best buddy, Brent. Being relatively new to the area Elena turned to her new friend aka “The Mayor” and asked her who in the world that handsome guy was! Being “The Mayor” she knew exactly who it was, grabbed Elena’s arm, pushed past the crowded bar, and moments later Elena was standing in front of the two gentlemen with stage fright (we could say about the same for Miles). Thankfully for our dear friends, the conversation began to flow as we exchanged the customary “where are you from” and “what do you dos”. Moments later the duo went their separate ways with hopes to cross paths again someday.

Image 2 of Elena and Miles

Image 3 of Elena and Miles

After a year goes by, Miles and Elena finally connected again while hanging out with a group of mutual friends and the two became inseparable. The perfect match was worth waiting for and they couldn’t feel more blessed to have each other.

Elena and Miles live happily together in Naples with their two dogs Olive & Zoey.

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Image 5 of Elena and Miles

How They Asked

After covid hijacked my 30th birthday last year in 2021, Miles and I planned a truly unforgettable trip to Tulum, Mexico with several of our closest friends to celebrate my 30th redo. The only problem was, the ring hadn’t come in yet and Miles and I were about to leave! After coordinating with his dad and his best friend they were able to get the ring all the way to Mexico. He told them it was a nice bracelet for my birthday ;)

Image 6 of Elena and Miles

Image 7 of Elena and Miles

After arriving in Tulum Miles planned a white party at our gorgeous Airbnb fit for a queen. He had a private chef come and all the while I thought we would just be celebrating my birthday. Fast forward to our group photo and before I knew it he was down on one knee. Didn’t tell a single soul!

Image 8 of Elena and Miles

Special Thanks

Valerie Fyke
 | Photographer