Elena and Mihai

Image 1 of Elena and Mihai

How We Met

It all started July 26, 2014 at Select Ultra Lounge. There was a Romanian singer that was hosting a private show that night. The singer was an old family friend and knew I was coming that night. It wasn’t until close to midnight that Mihai came to my table and asked me to dance. I denied him, 2 times. As I was going to deny him the third time, the singer, sang into the microphone, “ Elena do not refuse.” So..obviously after that, I felt so uncomfortable as everyone stared at us… I went to dance with him. It only took one dance for me to realize he was the BEST person I have ever met. He has a beautiful soul inside and out. I knew from that night that this was the start of something beautiful. The rest after this is history…we went out on our first date after this night and he asked me to be his GF. I obviously said YES! Not too long we shared wonderful months of love and he popped the question to be his wife! I was beyond ready to start my life with this man!

how they asked

Mihai is the most romantic ever! He surprised me on a helicopter ride over our beautiful city, Chicago, and over the Michigan Lake front. It was our first helicopter ride together so that was super exciting!

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While in the middle of the air, Mihai told me to face him so we could take a picture. As I turned around… I saw him there with the most beautiful ring I have ever laid my eyes on… and thought to myself WOW!

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How did I get so lucky? I was filled with so many emotions… I even teared in the process and as I felt my heart drop.

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I could tell how nervous he was, because his hand was a little shaky holding the ring… as he asked me to be his wife. I grabbed the ring and said YES! Once we landed on the ground, he got down on one knee and asked me again!

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He had the workers there bring me the bouquet of 100 red roses and 1 white rose. It was the most gorgeous bouquet of roses ever! I was so blessed and lucky to have found my soul mate. I am beyond excited to get to spend the rest of my life with him! After the proposal, we met my family for dinner in downtown, Chicago. It was perfect!

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