Elena and Marco

Proposal Ideas In a helicopter over the Niagara Falls

How We Met

I was out one night with my sister and we ran into one of my brother’s friends. He was at the same bar with one of his friends, Marco. Marco walked right up to me in his FLIP FLOPS (deal breaker) and we immediately hit it off. We found out we had a lot in common together. We went to the same college, and shared many of the same interests. That night I left the bar knowing nothing more than his first name and what his face looked like, and that I was pretty sure that I was in love with this stranger I had just met.

I worked at a grocery store where I would in turn see him almost every week. I would gush over how cute he was to my co-workers but would never say hi.

I was working a event at his work two years later where he barely acknowledged me, I couldn’t believe it! A few weeks later he messaged me saying he had been reading some of the articles I had written and we began talking. That talking turned into our first date at the Niagara Falls, where in turn he would propose to me one year later. It is crazy to think that we went two years after we met that night where I was pretty sure I was in love with him without speaking, just running into each other every once in a while. Little did I know, he was my future Husband.

how they asked

A few days before my twenty third birthday I had suspicion that he might be proposing because he kept talking about a big surprise. My fiance got word that I was suspicious and told me out of no where to “pick out dog names” because the big surprise was that we were getting another dog. He dropped the truth bomb in any beauty blogger’s favorite place…Ulta. Needless to say a few tears were shed, and my suspicions quickly went away. My twenty third birthday came and we got into the car to go to his God Mother’s who rescues dogs. I accepted that my big surprise was a puppy and I was fully prepared. As we started driving I noticed we were getting suspiciously close to the Niagara Falls, We pulled up to the helicopter pad “Rainbow Air” and I still didn’t think I was getting engaged because he knew that a helicopter ride over the Falls was on my bucket list. When we got into the helicopter the pilot started, and he lifted my ear muff and said “Remember the day you got mad at me because I missed the Fed Ex guy who needed a signature for your hair extensions that were being delivered to the house?” (he knew he would get my attention by bringing up hair extensions) I replied “Yes..” and he pulled out a diamond ring and said, “It was because I was at your parents house asking them if I could marry you.” We were met at the end of the helicopter ride with our families in tears, because we were now an engaged couple! Our mothers who are best friends gave me a date and said that we were having an engagement party!! Best day ever.

Elena's Proposal in In a helicopter over the Niagara Falls