Elena and Jordan

how we met

Jordan first saw me on national TV when I was competing for the title of Miss USA as Miss Pennsylvania. He always says that’s the moment he fell in love and made it his mission to meet me, even though we were living in different cities. He followed me on Facebook and sent me a message, but it ended up buried in my “filtered” inbox and I didn’t see it until months later. He would “like” and comment on my public posts, but I never took notice. However, Jordan persisted! He ended up meeting a friend of mine who was living in his city at the time. She mentioned that she had just gotten back from Las Vegas to see her friend compete in Miss USA. Jordan figured out that she meant me and from then on out, he hassled my poor friend non-stop until she finally introduced us. She would message me here and there about “this guy who really wants to meet me” and “is obsessed with me” and “how I need to meet him”. I would always just laugh it off. About three months after he first saw me on TV, she and I were guests at a wedding for our college friends. She told Jordan and his twin brother Justin to come into the city to meet us out afterwards. It was a chaotic time in my life with my Miss Pennsylvania obligations. I had an appearance in a city 3 hours away that morning, went straight to the wedding once I got back in, and was feeling exhausted by the end of the night. The last thing I wanted to do was go out after the wedding. My friend insisted and I’m so glad she did. I kept saying to her, “I’m just going to say hello to this poor guy and then I’m going home.” That didn’t happen. I still have the most vivid memory of Jordan walking up to me in white jeans (yes, it happened), a blue button-down that matched his eyes, and the biggest, sweetest smile on his face. I can still hear him saying, “hi, I’m Jordan”. I was IN LOVE – and I still am! My Maid of Honor was also with all of us that night and she has seen our relationship grow from the very moment it started. A couple weeks later, I found Jordan’s Facebook message to me. It was this long, sweet message, basically asking me out on a date. He ended it by saying, “I promise we will have a great time. Jordan” and he couldn’t have predicted our lives together any more perfectly.

how they asked

Jordan’s proposal was perfect, because it was truly unexpected. We had been together for 3 years at that point and just gotten home from our annual trip to Europe. Our family and friends thought the proposal was going to happen while on vacation, but I knew Jordan wanted it to be a surprise for me. He ended up proposing on a random Friday in September. Jordan and I were getting ready to go out to dinner at an authentic, family owned Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh – one of our favorite spots, but like I said, we always go out to eat so I wasn’t suspicious. Before we left for the night, he brought me into the living room of our home, which he decorated beautifully. As soon as I realized what was going on and he started talking, the tears started flowing. Once he was down on one knee, I was flat-out bawling. Then he started to cry, which made me cry harder. I jokingly say I blacked out for a few minutes and next thing I know I had my stunning engagement ring on my finger. We enjoyed our delicious dinner, went for drinks at the restaurant where we had our first date, and then came home and drank a bottle of champagne! It was an intimate night between just the two of us that I’ll always cherish. Jordan says he wanted our proposal to be just he and I, without the attention of everybody else. He also says he wanted to propose in our home because purchasing it was the biggest step we had taken in our life together as a couple.

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