Elena and Elias

How We Met

We met the summer after freshman year in high school. My cousin was a mutual friend with Elias and the first time I met him was when he came to my church’s youth group.

how they asked

He had my father and his fiancée bring me out to lunch while both of our families were preparing for the proposal. My father brought me to the Riverfront in Hartford CT (where Elias and I had our one year anniversary) and as I walked down the path every one of my family members held a sign that read “This is where your journey begins.” When I approached the end of the path and the top of the stairs I looked down and there Elias was with his family and my brother in law and his sister playing on the guitar and singing our favorite song (Thinking out Loud).  When I got to the bottom of the stairs he dropped down to one knee and proposed :)