Elena and Ben

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how they asked

It was a Saturday morning. April 7th, 2018. Ben had asked me to be home from my course by 11.30am. For what? I had no idea. But I was just annoyed that he had asked me to leave my course early! He said it was a surprise. I left the course and came home. I asked him ” what should I wear?”, ” just something nice that you would wear to lunch” he answered. We drove to the beach in front of his parent’s house. ” Are we having lunch at your parents?” I asked slightly annoyed. ” Yes but first we are going to go down to the beach, they aren’t home yet”.It had started sprinkling with rain and Ben asked me to hop out of the car. ” My new dress is going to get wet!” I said. We walked down to the water’s edge and I noticed a crab on the sand.

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I bent down to have a closer look. ” Come here there’s a love heart in the sand!” Ben said. At this point, the rain had gotten heavier. Ben held both of my hands and looked me in the eye. And then I knew. He got down on one knee and said those words. He took out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I was in complete shock!

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He then told me to turn around and wave ( his parent’s house was behind us and I could see waving from their balcony). I waved with a big smile on my face. ” So some other people are up there too….your mum, dad, sister, nanna, and poppy,” Ben said. I started to cry! Ben’s sister and partner came out from the dunes with their cameras and hugged us. We celebrated our engagement that day with a BBQ lunch, champagne, and cake. Another thing that was very special was that Ben had asked my dad for his permission to marry me a few weeks beforehand. It was the most magical moment of my life. You put so much effort and planning into the most beautiful day of my life Ben. I can’t wait to marry you my darling. And I can’t wait for more adventures with my best friend. I love you.

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