Elen and Suraj

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Abu Dhabi UAE

How We Met

Suraj & I attended grades 1 – 6 together in school in Abu Dhabi ,UAE. We became friends, in the 3rd grade when we ended sitting right next to each other in class back in 1999. Our friendship developed at the time but soon after which we ended up being shuffled up for the rest of the grades. After the 6th grade he moved to India and spent the rest of his school years there. We lost touch after he moved countries, but years later came back to my life in the form of a Facebook friend request.

Over the years we kept track of each other through Facebook updates but never really initiated a conversation even after he moved back into my city in 2016.

Fast forward to 2017, I received a job offer in the same construction firm as he was employed in & after 15 years our first real conversation happened through a Facebook chat, with me casually enquiring about the company.

Moving onto my first day in the firm, I was super anxious to see this childhood friend of mine but as fate had it, I got to know through my colleagues that he works in the night-shift. This meant that, to see him I needed to stay late at work. At the time my father used to regularly pick me up from work, so in order to stay late I had to make an excuse to delay my dad from coming over.

Approximately 4 weeks later, my dad called in one evening to inform me that he will be 2 hours late to pick me up & I think its safe to say, it was love at first sight that night.

How They Asked

I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him from the beginning but, the first time he mentioned it was when he came home to meet my parents. Being brought up in an Indian orthodox setup where love marriages are still a taboo, it was unusual for the man to come meet the girl’s parents alone. That day, I remember my parents having a mixed feelings about ‘some boy’, wanting to meet them, as he had been seeing their daughter. As soon as he entered my home, the place went super quiet and tensed. While my parents set on to scrutinise him, he blurted out ‘ Hi uncle, I would like to get married to your daughter”. I still remember the expression my mother had on her face after hearing this.

After a lot of back and forth in the coming months, our parents gave their blessings only after a year later! Once all the formalities were sorted, we decided to design a custom vintage style engagement ring to seal the deal.

Where to Propose in Abu Dhabi UAE

Proposal Ideas Abu Dhabi UAE

Our Jeweller did a fantastic job on the ring, ( especially with the ‘E’ and ‘S’ on the bridge),

but Suraj kept it hidden for 4 months waiting for the right moment set in. Finally on 31-01-2020, he said ‘will you keep loving me, despite my silliness?’ and as I nodded, he asked me to marry him.

Special Thanks

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