Eleanor and Richard

how we met

We met seven years ago in college at the University of Nevada when we were both serving in student government, it was quite a conversation to start things off. Richard was being appointed as the President’s Chief of Staff while Eleanor was a member of the Student Senate that was confirming his position, our first conversation is part of Nevada public record. We found ourselves on opposite sides of some governmental issues in college but formed a friendship during our time at the university. After college we went our separate ways and reconnect with each other again five years later during a young professionals networking event, sparks flew immediately and Richard asked Eleanor to dinner that night. After less than a month we were totally inseparable and started dreaming of our future together.

how they asked

Richard LOVES surprises. Once he knew Eleanor was the one, he started planning the proposal. He spent 6 months making sure every detail was in place. It started with inspiration from shows like The Bachelor, and romantic movies where the girl gets everything she ever wanted in fairytale execution. Richard consulted with his family and close friends on all matters from where the proposal should take place, to who should be in attendance, to the chances of good weather, and how to plan for every unknown. After much deliberation, Richard settled on Glenbrook Nevada, on a private dock in Lake Tahoe, just a short 45-minute drive from our hometown of Reno. Once the location was set, planning each element and assembling the accomplices began. Richard enlisted 2 of his best friends from college and one of Eleanor’s best friends to keep the day on track. When January 25th finally arrived Richard and Eleanor started the morning with a massage. Eleanor was convinced that Richard was just being sweet, little did she know what was in store for the day. After a fabulous 60-minute couples massage Richard mysteriously disappeared from the spa and Eleanor’s friend AnnaMarie appeared with a clue to start a scavenger hunt! As the day progressed the scavenger hunt led Eleanor to The University of Nevada, where Richard and Eleanor first met. There, she was greeted by student workers in the student union who were swooning at the romanticism in the air. Eleanor was handed her second custom printed clue which led her to the coffee shop where they had their first date. At the coffee shop, Eleanor had to locate a hidden clue, sealed with wax, waiting under the very table where Richard and Eleanor spent 7 hours talking about everything under the sun. The third clue pictured the full moon, just as it was the night of their first kiss. This clue led her to the park bench on the banks of the picturesque Truckee River where their magical first kiss took place. Next, Richard knew Eleanor would need to get her hair done in preparation for all the engagement photos, so the fourth clue took Eleanor to get her hair styled then to a dress boutique where 12 dresses, handpicked by Richard, were waiting for Eleanor to choose from. After Eleanor chose here dress she received the final clue. In raised gold foil, Eleanor read the directions to Glenbrook where Richard was waiting for her. She was taken by chauffeur to Lake Tahoe. When she arrived she was guided by 3,000 red rose petals from the front door through the house and down to the dock. As Richard stood at the edge of the dock gazing over the expansive sparkling blue lake, two photographers stood ready to capture the moment. Richard turned and watched Eleanor walk down the 100-foot dock lined with 500 long stem red roses, 150 stems of baby breath, and 16 black marble bowls burning with tall flames to greet her. The moment was pristine, the water was unseasonably calm, and the perfect balance of soft white light filtered through the clouds to set the scene for the biggest question Richard and Eleanor would ever ask and answer. The moment was divine and we could not be anything but grateful and feel blessed for the best day of our lives coming together perfectly.

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