Elaine and Wilson

how we met

We were both at different points in our lives and with different people. I saw him at the bar with his girlfriend. I thought she was a lucky girl. We were introduced later that night. Fast forward a couple of years, both of us have moved on from our previous relationships. We had some mutual friends who were looking for two roommates. They asked both of us if we were interested in a place to live. I was in college and living at home with my parents, so the opportunity to live in a house with friends sounded great! That was the beginning! A crush turned into a relationship, turned into marriage.

how they asked

We went on a family vacation to Florida. My mom always takes family photos, it’s a tradition. She sets up a timer on her camera and jumps in the shot. We were on the third attempt at a picture and Wilson got on one knee and proposed. I was shocked! And the photo captured it all!

Special Thanks

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