Elaine and Daniel

how we met

On 6/5/2008, the last day of the Calculus class as a freshman at National Taiwan University, The boy’s friends got the girl’s MSN account for him as a birthday gift. Then the summer vacation started so as the story. The girl is Elaine. The boy is Daniel. At our college, the students with different majors were mixed to take the Calculus class so that was why Daniel and I would meet. Daniel had sat behind me for almost one year during the class, but I didn’t notice this boy. Daniel said he liked the smell I had and how I dressed. He was also very curious about me since I always came to the classroom at the last second and left right after the bells rang. That was because lots of my friends were taken the other Calculus class and I don’t have anyone I knew in my class. Even though I didn’t pay lots of attention to him, I remember clearly until now the moment when we looked at each other for the first time just because Daniel picked up the wipeout for me and I turned my head, wanting to say thank you to him. After we have each other’s MSN account, which is an old fashion chatting software, we talked a lot every day at night after class, then we exchanged numbers and started dating. We had dinner together every day, studied every day, shared things and said good night every day. We felt very happy together, but I didn’t make up my mind to be officially his girlfriend until once he said, ” if you feel happy then I am happy.” That is such a cliché’ but that is how we started.

how they asked

2018 is our 10th anniversary for being together, so it is a meaningful year for both of us. For this reason, I decided to propose to Elaine in the fall of 2017 and planned to get married next year. Elaine was planning a trip to watch the foliage in Finger lakes during the fall break of the school. I thought this vacation would be the perfect moment without disclosing any sign of the proposal because the trip is organized by her, and I was not involved at all except buying a heart-shape diamond ring and roughly conceiving the way for the proposal. Indeed, I did not determine the specific location for the proposal before we arrived, since it was our first time to visit Finger lakes. However, I was not worried about this situation because I believe I can figure out an ideal place eventually by following my heart. By doing so, I can also ensure that the proposal can be a great surprise to her, which is based on the fact that the less I prepare, the lower the chance she could notice what I am going to do. On October 24th, 2018, Elaine and I were walking through a little trail beside the Cayuga lake at Taughannock falls state park. It was a cozy, colorful day with gentle breeze kissing on our cheeks, and we really enjoyed this fantastic moment in this quiet, natural, and peaceful environment. There were lots of maple trees standing along the lake, but only the bright and glowing orange one catches my eyes. This lakeside is undoubtedly a perfect scene for taking a photo as well as an excellent place for proposing, which matches the location that I initially looked for. I asked Elaine to stand under the tree and turn her back towards me for measuring the exposure and setting up all the camera gears as I always ask her to do. Apparently, she did not notice I was grabbing the ring from my camera bag and putting it into my pocket while setting the photo shooting system. Every movement looks unsuspicious to her, which implies I pretended everything successfully and was ready for the most challenging moment. When we set our postures for the photo, I suddenly kneeled down, showed up the diamond ring, and started reading my proposal speech that tells a sweet story regarding the relationships between us, which really touches our emotions. The proposal at Finger lake is an unforgettable and meaningful moment for us, and it ended up with a joyful “yes” and little tears on her face, showing up a promise for loving each other forever.

Special Thanks

Asher Gardner
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Tiffany and Co.
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Chi Chi London
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The Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial
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