Elaine and Brian

Elaine's Proposal in Niagara Falls

How We Met

Brian and I actually met when we were juniors in high school through a mutual friend. But nothing really happened until the summer of 2012 a year after we graduated. We rekindled our friendship through Facebook and have been talking for months and occasionally seeing each other every weekend before we became official. We had both had come off a rocky relationship before we started seeing each other and wanted a fresh start.

Every relationship is different, every beginning is different. We had our fair share of difficult times, broken hearts and extreme fights but in the end. We overcame that. We overcame the hardships and still are. With 6 years of being together (7 this year on Aug 29!) 2 years of being engaged! We finally have our happily ever after on April 04, 2020

How They Asked

On October 22, 2017. Brian and I decided to take another mini-cation to Niagara Falls. The first time we went here was in July of 2015. But this time we decided to visit again but for our birthdays and of course wanting to visit the Canadian part of Niagara Falls as well as see the Harry Potter store! Since our birthday is only 2 weeks apart we decided to do something fun for our birthday, so we went that Sunday, Oct 22nd, the day before my actual birthday.

Unknowing to me, it was going to be one of the most amazing birthday present of all time and one of the most memorable moments in our life.

As soon as we checked into our hotel. He said that we should get ready soon so we can take a before and after photos of us being here for the first time in 2015. He was wearing a nice suit but I didn’t know why since it was like 70 degrees outside, so I just went with it. Of course, I was curious about why he was wearing that but I didn’t fully think about it. He just said that he wanted to look good for our photos. As we approached the area that we wanted to take a photo. He talked to a couple passing by, he asked for my phone so they can “take a nice photo of us”. Me just being gullible, I’m like okay babe. Didn’t think twice of what he said.

Okay, this where it gets good! (In my opinion)

As soon as he approached me. He puts his sunglasses down behind me. He said that he had to tie his shoes and bends on one knee because I thought he had to tie his shoes! In my defense: his shoelaces kept getting undone for the like the past month so I didn’t really think about what he was doing. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a deep red velvet box. Inside was this gorgeous halo cut ring. He couldn’t even say anything at first, I looked at him and I could tell he was about to cry. Before he even says anything I said yes and immediately take out the promise ring he had given me 4 years ago. (Which I still wear on my right hand) He placed the gorgeous ring in my finger, he gets up hugs me and I just melt and starting crying my eyes out in his arms.

He actually had a whole spiel of what to say to me but he couldn’t get it out because I said YES!!! Before he even said anything to me.

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