Elaine and Brad

How We Met

Brad and I met in grad school at Quinnipiac University. I was heading out of the building to head home for the Thanksgiving break and Brad had held the door for me on my way out :) The next week when we got back we started talking and seeing each other and have been together ever since. It’s been an amazing four and half years.

how they asked

Brad and I had already booked a trip to Miami and the Bahamas for Friday morning. The beginning of that week, Brad had invited me to a work cocktail holiday party for the Thursday night before our trip. That night I got all dressed and was anxiously awaiting all of the conversations I would be having with his co-workers. Before we were about to leave he told me received a text from his co-worker that they weren’t going till later, so I suggested that we either go and get some drinks before hand or stay home and have a drink before we go. We decided we would stay and I opened a bottle of wine. As I poured myself a glass of wine, Brad had said “I know what we can do, I can give you your birthday present” (my birthday was in a few weeks) so I had agreed as I can never await the surprise. He informed me that my birthday present was on our roof as it was “too big” to keep in our apartment. Puzzled, I agreed to walk up one flight of stairs to our roof. Before we opened the door, Brad paused and told me to wait and said it was a surprise. He came back with a blindfold, I was so confused and kept thinking maybe my friends would be outside? As he guided me onto the roof, I kept fussing about tripping and falling that I could not even process what could possibly happen. He stopped me and began having a normal conversation and referring to a situation that had happened the night before. Puzzled again, I could not understand what he was talking about and was anxiously awaiting to take the blindfold off. He finally took the blindfold off, and my breathe was taken away at what I saw. Candles everywhere, the beautiful lights of New York City, and the words “Marry Me’ surrounding us along with Brad kneeling on one knee. That moment is something I will never forget. It was the most perfect moment of my life.

Image 1 of Elaine and Brad