Elaina and Abel

Elaina and Abel's Engagement in San Antonio River Walk

How We Met

Abel and I have been together since January 19th 2018. We went on our first date December 22, 2017. We actually met via Snapchat in September 2017. Abel had added me and sent me messages. I would respond here and there, not expecting to meet him. One day he asked me on a date and by the grace of God, I said yes. Abel not only took me on the best date I had ever been on, but we clicked instantly. After a couple dates, we confessed that we both had prayed to God for someone special to enter our lives and truly believe He brought us together. We dated for about a month when things became official. Everyday with him is so special and he never fails to make me smile or feel like the most amazing women in the world.

How They Asked

After a little over a year and a half, on August 17, 2019, he proposed to me. We went to San Antonio, Texas to spend the day in Sea World with my nine year old brother, his older siblings, and their children. We spent the day at Sea World and made our way to the river walk ( a beautiful and romantic scenery with restaurants, hotels and lots of history.) Now we were all set to go on a tourist boat ride before dinner that tells all about the history of the river walk. We were all on it for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden Abel grabbed my attention and spoke beautiful words of love then proposed. He then told me to look at the bridge coming up. There was a huge banner that said, “Elaina, will you marry me?” with pictures of us together. I was so caught in the moment he then said, “Look who’s on the bridge!” I look and both our parents, my grandparents and his aunt and uncle, were all there waiting to surprise me. It was absolutely beautiful and so perfectly planned. I wouldn’t want it to go any other way.

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Special Thanks

Kelsey Nicole
 | Photographer