Updated: This Could Be The Most Elaborate Scavenger Hunt Proposal EVER

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime within the past 24 hours, you’ve likely seen the buzz around the makings of an epic modern-day proposal…at least we think it’s a proposal? Honestly, no one entirely knows what’s happening yet, but we are here for what could be one of the most elaborate proposal plans EVER. Here’s everything we know so far:

Marissa Casey Fuchs, the Director of Brand Partnerships with Goop and the woman behind style and lifestyle blog FASHION AMBITIONIST posted an Instagram story on Tuesday June 18th that her long-time boyfriend Gabe (who has become an internet sensation since) was proposing to her through his Instagram story…or so she thought?

Here’s the video Gabe posted:

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WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YUP, we are DYING, too!!! And Marissa’s reaction:


Gabe then posted on his IG story that Marissa’s first stop would be none other than Flywheel. Marissa was greeted there by friends and/or family! (We’re not totally sure if it was a surprise… But you can see videos on Marissa’s Instagram under her #RielLove highlight.)

Next stop?
AIRE Ancient Baths (a spa in NYC)…yep, we’re jealous too. After some pampering, Marissa shared on her IG story (which can be found under the #ReilLove highlight) that she was instructed to “head home and pack” (…but for where, WE HAVE QUESTIONS?!)

And while all of this was happening #WhereIsGabe became a trending hashtag. Seriously.

Workout class? Spa treatment? What more could a girl ask for!? Well… there is one thing, #GLAMSQUAD. Tuesday night, makeup artist Heith Chanel surprised Marissa and arrived at her home where she received a full blown makeover.

The next plan was for Marissa to get on a Blade (basically a company that provides the experience of a “private jet”) but due to weather reasons, she was unable to get on that flight…but that didn’t stop the plans (Uber came to the rescue!)

Gabe shared that the next location would be Gurney’s Resorts in Montauk, NY. Actual goals.

Then, Gabe shared a twist: he posted on his IG story (can be found on Marissa’s IG highlight #RielLove, II) “Time for a Game: The Three Jewels” …basically, Gabe hid 3 jewels in Montauk and in order for Marissa to get to the next step, she has to find them….the plot thickens and we are HERE FOR IT.

Jewel #1: A necklace chain served to Marissa while out to dinner on a dinner plate.
Jewel #2: A key pendant to attach to the chain, on Marissa’s bed when she arrived back home from dinner and drinks.

So what happens next???

Wednesday morning, Gabe shared a photo of George W. Hewlett High School and said that the 3rd jewel is a “special one and with a special person” and told Marissa to “head back to where this all began.”

How much longer until this proposal? We don’t know, but we’re currently 100% invested no matter how many steps.

Marissa posted, “Gabe, I’m not leaving the Hamptons so whatever the plan is please change it”…which led Gabe to post a teaser of Miami and told Marissa to, “head to JFK.”

Jewel #3: given to Marissa while at JFK before she boards her flight to Miami. It’s a key with her new initials (once she’s married to Gabe) on it…we’re going to need about 12 more boxes of tissues for this…

Apparently… there were more than 3 jewels. A video on Marissa’s IG story shared her opening 2 more boxes… What’s inside the 2 boxes? An “upgraded” chain (her words)…a beautiful gold chain. And the second box? A pendant of the moon representing, “I love you to the moon” (apparently a phrase her and Gabe use daily).

So what happened when Marissa landed in Miami? She headed to where she’d be staying, 1 Hotel South Beach. And who met her there? GABE? …Nope, and that leaves us still wondering #WhereIsGabe.

The next stop of the night: Prime 112, a restaurant in Miami Beach (our mouths are watering…) and she was greeted by family and friends for a surprise dinner.

So what next? What happened at dinner? Gabe posted his next video (FINALLY!!!) and announced that, “It’s been a long day getting to you, but by the time you are watching this video I will have already arrived” BUT then posted a black screen with the words “JUST KIDDING”… Gabe, you are killing us!!!

So he’s not in Miami? Apparently not… He shared in his next clip,”Miami would’ve been nice and all, it’s beautiful, we have a lot of friends there…But, it just didn’t feel right…It didn’t seem like it was us..” (sure, Gabe..us too) So what next? Gabe shared very pleasing IG story that there next destination: Paris. THE CITY OF LOVE. (Marissa is currently living out our dream and we’re loving watching every second of it!!)


As of Thursday night/Friday morning, Marissa had landed and is currently in Paris (we’re excited too!!) Videos on her IG story today share that she is in a car and on her way (FINALLY) to see Gabe!!

So what we know now is that Marissa is in Paris and hopefully on her way to Gabe…and that’s the latest update! PHEW, if you’ve read up to this far we’re glad to know you’re just as invested as we are.

Check out this post for developing updates! In the mean time, for more scavenger hunt proposal inspiration, click here!