Ekta and Nicolas

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How We Met

Nick and I met at John Abbott College 8 years ago in volleyball class. We were both dating different people at the time and were just friends. However, without notice he transferred to a different college and I never heard from him again. About two years later, we randomly met again while both of us were walking out of the McGill metro station. We both grew out our hair and didn’t recognize each other, but walked the whole street just staring at each other trying to remember how we knew each other. We got to the traffic light and I said “Hi”. He replied and we just both walked our separate ways thinking we were both just friendly strangers. That day I went home and I kept thinking to myself how do I know this guy and what is his name?! Nick likes to say it was the Facebook fairy, but I randomly somehow remembered his name and looked it up on Facebook. Luckily we had friends in common, because he popped up. So I sent him a message (which can still be found in our Facebook messages) and asked him if he remembers me and was in fact the same Nick in my volleyball class about two years ago. He did in fact remember me, we exchanged numbers and kept texting each other for a bit. Then he finally got the courage to ask me to hang out. We met up for a few study dates in the library and the rest is history!

In the picture below, we are being photographed at the McGill University campus, which is where we re-met and our relationship began.

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how they asked

Let me start of by saying Nick is very romantic and thoughtful. I truly was not expecting him to propose the night he took me out. It was for our 5 year anniversary. I really was not in the mood to go out, but he kept insisting that we do so I caved in and said fine let’s go! We pull up to the Saint James Hotel, and if you live in Montreal you know it’s a very prestigious hotel and it’s where all the A-list celebrities like Madonna and Justin Timberlake come stay. So we walk into the XO restaurant, which is located inside the hotel and we’re greeted by two people at the door. As soon as they hear Nick’s name, they’re acting all funny and one of them even said “It’s Mister Surprenant!”. I still had no clue what was going on and was just thinking that the way they were acting was probably how they treat any guest at the Saint-James. We were seated in a beautiful booth seat which had a rose on the table. I thought it was cute and the hotel probably knew it was our 5th year anniversary. So we sat down and the whole time I felt like both Nick and our waiter were acting all nervous and shaky. Nick even spilled his water all over me (so funny when I think about that now). So it was time for dessert and the waiter is holding a 8×11 package and staring at the floor as he walks towards our table. He drops the package on our table and nods at Nick. I was so confused at the whole thing and still had no clue what was going on. I even pointed out to Nick, “did you see the waiter looked at you? He just gave you such a weird look?” and Nick was like, “no clue, I didn’t notice anything?”. So here I was thinking the package was a Christmas gift from the hotel as a way of saying Merry Christmas, thanks for eating here! I opened the gift and Nick had made a beautiful fairy tale book about our love story and how we met up until that moment. He asked me to marry me, and I honestly don’t remember what his speech was but I’m sure it was sweet. I said yes of course, and the hotel staff brought us complimentary champagne. So happy and crying, I was a mess! So we both left the hotel and there was a doorman that greeted us on our way out and I honestly felt like a princess. When I walked outside, waiting for us was a Cinderella horse drawn carriage to take us around the Old Port of Montreal. I was in complete shock and I just kept repeating “No you didn’t!” over and over again. A random stranger walking by stopped and said, “Ma’am I am a witness and yes he did!”. It was such a cute and funny moment. I am so blessed to have met such a strong, compassionate and loving man.

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