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How They Asked

We’ve been invited to the wedding of our dear friends in Italy, after having spent a wonderful weekend in their company, as established, we started our little tour in Italy. Les is an art historian, we chose to visit some of the most beautiful Italian art cities and last but not least, her favorite one: Florence.

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The first day while she was busy visiting the Uffizi Gallery, with the excuse of giving her all the time to calmly see that huge museum, I went to Ponte Vecchio. It’s a bridge in the heart of the city, where the oldest goldsmiths are located in Italy.

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I read an article about this beautiful bridge and how all Florentines had the tradition of buying their wedding rings here. Suddenly, it seemed the right solution to do what I had in mind for at least a year, to ask Les to marry me.

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I chose our rings and with the help of another Les ring, I had the typical Italian wedding ring made to measure, then I contacted a photographic studio to follow us the next day on a romantic walk in Les’s favorite places. It seemed natural to me that he could wish for some photos taken by professionals in his beloved Florence. Piazza Della Signoria, Loggia, and San Miniato’s Abbey upstream.

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We agreed with the photographers to go to Ponte Vecchio, where I would then take her to the goldsmith’s and give her the ring. So it was, Les suspected nothing and our walk through the monuments of Florence was romantic, spontaneous, and fun.

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When we arrived on the Ponte Vecchio and with an excuse, I invited her to enter to the shop, Les was enthusiastic and curious: those shops have a very special charm, it seems that you go back in time. We went in and when I asked the jeweler if he had anything special to show us, he pulled out the small box that contained the rings with our names on it.

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No needed to say anything, Les was radiant, incredulous and her ring was perfect. It was a wonderful moment! Every time we look at our rings, we think back on the scents and colors of Italy and we seem to be carrying a little bit of the history and culture of that beautiful country.

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