Eiza and Jerome

How We Met: We met a long time ago when my now fiance moved next door to my close friend Mike. It wasn’t until 2003 that I asked her out on a date. First date was in NYC where we had bubble coffee (tapioca with coffee) which was a terrible idea. After the upset stomachs we kept seeing each other until June 16 2003 when we made it official. We watched finding nemo at AMC empire 25 at Times Square, NYC on that day. From that moment I found my soul mate.


how they asked: I proposed to my fiance, Eiza, by setting up a fake Cash Cab to make her think she was on the TV show. I used UBER instead of a regular cab to eliminate a lot of the variables associated with flagging down the right cab in NYC. I had my cousin, Chris Ungco,  who was in cinematography find me an actor that could drive and ask the questions. He introduced me to the talented Jonathon Horton, who took the time out of his busy schedule to make this proposal work.


I then borrowed my friend Andre’s Subaru Impreza to turn it into the cash cab. After installing the strobe lights, mounting the gopros (thanks for letting me borrow them Mike, Raul, and Bob), and making the car look legit it was almost time to go. On June 15,2015 (the day before our anniversary), I had my fiances best friend, Abby, get her into the city. She told Eiza that she met “the one” and wanted her to meet him.  With Eiza thinking that I was at work, my surprise proposal went into effect.