Eisha and Lane

How We Met

My Story: I was visiting my high school friend in Cedar Falls and we decided to go out. We ended up at Social House and while sitting at the bar, my friend had 3 guys come up and talk to her at different times. I wasn’t really looking for anyone, but just wanted to enjoy my night with my friend I hadn’t seen in months. My friend got up and went to the bathroom, and here I am sitting at a bar alone sipping on a vodka lemonade. About 5 minutes later, Morgan comes back and another guy comes and talks to us and starts buying shots for everyone on his friends tab. I was sitting with my legs crossed and my phone in my lap, when I uncrossed my legs and my phone fell to the ground. Morgan went to pick and up and all of sudden this guy comes out of nowhere and swoops in to pick it up. He hands my phone to Morgan and then she hands it to me saying it’s her phone. The guy introduced himself as Lane. From then, it was all small talk. At first, I thought he was into Morgan, but little did I know, he had his eyes on me when he first step into Social House.

His Story: It was Saturday, October 22nd. I, along with my Cousin, Courtney, and two of my friends, Brennen and Ryan, decided to head downtown for a few drinks. We decided to go to Social House, on “College Hill,” which is a place that I haven’t been to very many times (maybe 3 times in the past couple years). I walked into Social House first, and handed the “Bouncer” my ID. After he handed me back my ID, I put it in my wallet. Right as I looked up, I immediately laid eyes on the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life. She was walking across the room, followed by her friend. It was as if the whole world had stopped, and it was just her and I, in that moment.  I turned to Brennen and Courtney and said, “Oh my gosh. Did you see that girl? I need to meet her.” It wasn’t just that I wanted to meet her, but I truly know and believe that this moment was God’s way of telling me that she is meant to be in my life. She walked to another section of the bar with her friend.

Once we all got into Social House, I told my friends that we should all buy a drink quickly and then head that way, so I can introduce myself to this girl. As we were waiting to buy our beverage, these two moms came walking towards me saying, “Hey, it’s that guy!” I had no idea who these two ladies were, but out of good courtesy, I, along with my friends, chatted with them for a few minutes. We found out that it was Parent’s Weekend at UNI, so that’s why they were there. It turned out that I wasn’t “that guy,” but just looked like him instead! We got our drinks a couple minutes later, and headed toward the other section of the bar where this girl went. As we walk down the few steps, I notice that she is sitting at the end of the bar, by herself. I’m assuming her friend went to the bathroom. It was a perfect time to walk up and say hello. I planned to walk up to her right then and there and introduce myself.  As we get to the bottom of the steps, these two moms show up again and start talking to us for some odd reason. I then look over, and her friend is back from the restroom and sitting beside her now. I thought to myself, “Wow, just my luck. Now I have to go over and talk to two of them, which is even more nerve-wracking!” We were standing around 5 or 6 feet away from the girl and her friend, and I was definitely keeping my eyes on the girl, and barely listening to the current conversation going on.

I was going to find a way to meet this girl, one way or another. After a minute or two, using my great peripheral vision, I see a phone drop to the ground. I immediately know that it was either this girl’s phone, or her friends. As her friend goes down and reaches for the phone, I come out of nowhere and swoop in and grab the phone (realizing this is my opportunity), right before her friend gets it! I wasn’t sure whose phone it was, so I gave it to her friend, since she was the one who was about to pick it up. I said, “I think you dropped your phone, and then turned toward to the girl, who I immediately had my eyes on from the moment I stepped into Social House, and with a large smile, reached out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Lane.” She shook my hand, also with a large smile, and said, “Hi, I’m Eisha.” Since that moment, we’ve never stopped talking, and every day since that moment, has been the absolute best days of my life. God has truly blessed us, and he brought us both to Social House that night for a reason. She is my best friend, my soulmate, and the love of my life. P.S. It was actually Eisha who dropped her phone. I thank her all the time for dropping her phone that night. J

how they asked

Twice a week, Lane and I go on date nights. Our schedules are so busy, we always want to have down time with each other. We have a combined calendar for all the activities we have planned together. Lane picked our second date of the week the night of May 28, 2017. He had reservations for 5:15 at The Brown Bottle (our favorite restaurant). This Sunday started off like any other Sunday, with church, and following church, we would spend time with family. During church, Lane had to go to the bathroom. I thought, really during church? That afternoon, there were 2 graduations parties we attended (Congrats again, Dane and Franny!). After the graduation parties, we went back to our condo to relax and watched One Tree Hill for 2 hours. Everywhere Lane and I go, we always have a jam session. On our way to The Brown Bottle, boy did we have a good one!!

We arrive at The Brown Bottle and the top parking lot is full. So I told Lane to just park in the bottom parking lot. He was so determined to to make his own parking spot in the top lot and that’s just what he did. We walk into the restaurant, and the manager says, “party of 2?” We waited a few minutes to be seated. The Manager comes back and says, “we’re ready for you.” We went to the upstairs area of the restaurant. I had never been in this area so I was super excited to be up there. The Manager lead the way, while Lane followed behind me. We get upstairs and I turn the corner and I see his family and my family with phones and video cameras. I still had not figured out what was going on. Everyone started shouting, “Happy Birthday!” I knew that was a joke, then Lane grab my wallet and phone from my hands and put it on the table. He grabbed both of my hands and I froze. At that moment, I knew what was about to happen. To say I was shocked is an understatement.