Eilley and Keenan

How We Met

I figure skated and he played hockey, we were both rink rats and i guess thats where we met. Keenan and I started dating in 2007, as much as kids can date! Mainly consisting of watching FRIENDS re-runs and talking for way too many hours on the phone, racking up minutes and text messages (when you paid for a certain number of texts, yep!)

After a few months, we did break up (as kids do) but when i moved near by him shortly after we ended up hanging out all the time as friends.

Eilley's Proposal in Peak of Whistler

Keenan became a part of my family and through high school was often at my house hanging out with my family and I. I went as his date to prom and when i moved to another town for a semester at another school, hours away he did the drive with my mom to drop me off, we shared milestones together that grew our friendship! Though we both had relationships through high school we were best friends and always the first call when something monumental happened in our lives. This time of our relationship is so important to both of us as it got us to where we are now, it built foundation for us to stand on.

Well, how did we get here…

November 2012 rolled around and my 18th birthday started off ending a failing relationship with my then boyfriend and too many Jack Daniels shots, all of this resulted in me pining to my best friends and us sloppily deciding to kiss. Nothing came of this and we both brushed it off but when I moved to Vancouver for school in March of 2012 things started to change and by May we started dating. Maybe the timing was finally right or maybe it was the distance. I knew then that this would be a forever kind of thing.

A few months into dating when i graduated from post secondary Keenan gifted me with the book “Oh, the places you’ll go!” with the sweetest words written inside. It has been the best adventure so far and just over 5 years later I am beyond excited to see the places we will go.

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how they asked

Keenan said that he had to do some work on the peak chair after hours and asked if my sister, Ariel and I wanted to go with him to take some photos of the views and wander around. He had done work up there before and this didn’t seem odd. Clearly i didn’t think anything was planned as i put no effort into getting ready – take note of the awful messy bun! it was incredibly windy up there and i couldn’t keep my hair out of my face.

Once we got to the peak Keenan walked out onto a rock overlooking black tusk and i followed snapping photos of the view and then I could feel maybe something was happening as he awkwardly mumbled some words and stood closely to me. I turned around and we awkwardly stood there for a minute until he got down on one knee. He pulled out a box that he had given to me as a gift for Christmas however many years ago, i was possibly 15 and at that time there was my birthstone in it. Now years later he presented me that very box now with my dream ring instead of the birthstone and asked me to spend forever with him.

My sister captured it all on video and we hung around watching the sunset and drinking champaign. My sister, Ariel got to third wheel the whole thing – if you know us its not unusual she was there!

Now, getting hitched: 2018

Mount Currie, Pemberton views and a barn atmosphere were top of the list for picking a wedding venue and after countless drives past the Red Barn it was an easy decision to lock it in for our big day. We are beyond excited to have our families come together July 28th, 2018 and make this a forever thing!

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