Eileen and Luis

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how we met

Eileen and I both work in the same public library and she made me break my one rule: Never date anyone I work with! During a break at work, I had joked with a co-worker about how I broke up with an ex-girlfriend because she refused to watch Star Wars. I majored in film and television. To refuse to watch at least one Star Wars film was blasphemy. When the break was over, Eileen, a beautiful co-worker who kept to herself, approached me and said, “So, we need to watch Star Wars together, huh?” In a fraction of a second, I responded, “Absolutely!” For me, that kind of confidence shatters all attempts at resistance.

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how they asked

After three wonderful years together, I took Eileen to Washington Oaks State Park, in Saint Augustine, Florida in order to celebrate our anniversary. It’s a gorgeous location with trees that create a canopy-like tunnel over the roads and moss dangle from the branches like Christmas tinsel. I knew Eileen would love this place because it even had wooden bridges that crossed over ponds filled with golden koi fish and exotic flower gardens in bloom. As we waked around the gardens, the heel from one of Eileen’s shoes began to tear off. We laughed as I ripped it off completely for her. As I sat her down to place her shoe back on, which now looked like a Cinderella slipper, I asked her, “What are you doing for the rest of your life?”

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I pulled out a gold willow engagement ring and before I could finish asking her to marry me, she said, “Yes!” There’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t tell Eileen how lucky and grateful I am that she made me break my one rule.

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