Eileen and Keith

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How We Met

So, I had been a widow after being married 25 years. I was out with my best friend Lori. It was 1/21/12, a Saturday night and we were heading to our favorite place to have a glass of wine and some appetizers, Holdrens in Newbury Park, CA. It was very busy that night and the bar was full so we somehow decided to go to Gellatos in Westlake Village on a wim. We were there just a few minutes and Keith walked in and sat next to us at the bar. His son Kyle was in a basketball tournament and he stopped in for a beer between games . I believe it was meant to be, he was divorced, LAPD detective and my husband had been a LAFD fireman. He asked for my number and the rest is history!!! Never would have thought u would find love again!! Fast forward 5 years….

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how they asked

He wanted to make it special so he took me to Paradise Cove! We had a wonderful day on the beach, had lunch in the restaurant and then took a walk down the beach. I had a suspicion he was going to pop the question, but I had no idea he had put the ring in my champagne. Needless to say, he had to tell me it was in my drink, to my surprise… he then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! So romantic!! Thankfully I didn’t swallow the ring!

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