Eileen and Daniel

Eileen and Daniel's Engagement in Paris, France

How We Met

Daniel and I met at a local wine bar in Santa Monica. I was killing time because I was early for a birthday dinner, and he stopped by on his way home from work. He asked if he could buy me a drink and I brushed him off, stating I was okay with my water. He sat down and began chatting with me, and even though I never talk to strangers (even handsome ones), we had an instant connection. As luck would have it, my friend sent me a last-minute text canceling her birthday dinner because she felt sick, so I finally agreed to let him get me that drink! From there, things got serious quickly, and within two months we were on our first of many adventures together in Tulum, Mexico where we made our relationship “social media official”! Travel has become a huge part of our life, and we are so excited to continue seeing the world together.

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How They Asked

I own a jewelry brand and design bespoke wedding rings for my clients. But I am also a former lawyer and an expert investigator. I didn’t think Daniel would be able to surprise me with an engagement – with my credentials the cards were stacked against him on this one. When he told me in August of 2019 that I should start designing my ring, he didn’t realize that I already had done that months ago! My dad, who owns a chain of jewelry stores, had the specs and was ready to move when Daniel asked for his blessing.

Daniel and I love to travel and we take a trip whenever we can. We had four trips scheduled for fall 2019, and on each one, I was prepared for him to ask. When it didn’t happen, I realized Daniel was either waiting for our Christmas trip to Paris or had changed his mind. Around that time, I got a phone call from our travel concierge, confirming our dinner reservation at Jules Verne, the restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower. When I told her I did not make that reservation, she became flustered and said Daniel had requested it and admitted calling the wrong number. It clicked: I knew where and when the proposal would happen! I went shopping and bought the perfect dress for my sunset Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t tell Daniel I knew about his plans, but little did I know that call was a cleverly executed rouse by Daniel to throw me off my tracks.

Daniel told me on our first morning in Paris that he had made lunch reservations at the iconic Four Seasons hotel. He wanted to walk there from our hotel and I started to notice something was amiss when he took a detour to the Louvre and we began walking through the Jardins Des Tuilleris. I complained I didn’t want to walk through the dirt in my stilettos, but Daniel loves landscape architecture so I was used to the occasional garden detours.

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Daniel suddenly stopped, got to one knee, and pulled out my dream ring. He told me I was the best thing to happen to him, and at that point, I was so nervous I blacked out and can’t remember anything else he said! We had a beautiful photoshoot around the Louvre and then went back to our hotel where they surprised us with my two favorite indulgences – cake and champagne. Everything was perfect, and the best part was celebrating our engagement for a full week in the city of lights and love!

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