Ashley and Kyle | Eiffel Tower Proposal

How We Met: Ashley and I had known each other through mutual friends for a couple of months. Her best girl friend and my best guy friend were roommates so we would always be out with the same group of friends.

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One evening we were at a piano bar in downtown Kansas City and Ashley’s best girl friend Dana could tell that we were drawn to each other from the previous week. Both of us loved conversing about the 1920’s and 1930’s era and how we loved their style and the way everyone spoke back then. The two of us though were scared to make that “first move”. That evening at the piano bar, Dana whispered to both of us that we should go for it playing match maker. The rest of that night set up the most amazing next year and a half before we got engaged. The two of us were inseparable and since have become soul mates.

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how they asked: I wanted to surprise Ashley and do something that she would remember forever. We had been to Vegas and went in their version of the eiffel tower. I decided in November of 2013 that I wanted to take Ashley to Paris and propose to her in the “real” eiffel tower but wanted it to be a complete surprise and something she would remember forever.

Over the next 3 months I spoke with several people and planners on how to proposal to Ashley not just at the eiffel tower, but at the very top and still capture it all on video. After we got to Paris, we went to so many museums and historical land marks. On the big day, 2 days after we got to Paris I told her we had tickets for a group tour of the eiffel tower to listen to someone explain how the eiffel tower was built and how it was used by the French army during WWII.

It was a small group of about 5-6 couples and our videographer. Ashley noticed he was taking pictures of us but assumed that he was with the eiffel tower and was going to try and sell us a picture for $30 at the end of the tour. The tour tour lasted about 55 minutes and the very end of the tour had all of us making our way up to the very top of the eiffel tower. After the group tour officially ended Ashley and I made our way around to a spot where I surprised her and changed our lives forever.

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Videographer: Pier-Yves Menkhoff // Jeweler: Simone Moshiri // Planner: Kawtar Rajaa