Edyta and Greg

Edyta and Greg's Engagement in Telluride, CO

How We Met

Greg and I agree that there are three different stories of the way we met, the version we tell our friends, the version we share with our family, and the version we will tell our future kids. I will share with you my favorite version.

I met Greg when I was fourteen years old. We were in the same group of friends and remained acquaintances for a long time before we actually became friends. Greg always came off as shy and quiet in our circle of friends. Some may have other opinions on this, but I remember him always being in a relationship and never one to cause too much trouble. I always thought of him as one of the “dudes” and never viewed him in a romantic way. As time went on, I noticed how cute and kind he was and I realized that I wanted to get to know him better. One night, after six years of friendship and one too many drinks, I made a move on him at my friend’s birthday party. Greg instantly fell in love with me and hasn’t let me go since that night.

Like any other relationship, we have our ups and downs, but I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, the person I come to for advice, and when I need a good laugh. He binge watches chick flicks with me and even enjoys taking us out for pedicures. We learn so much from one another and I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.

Edyta's Proposal in Telluride, CO

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Telluride, CO

how they asked

Greg and I planned a trip to Telluride, Colorado for my twenty fifth birthday. I love the outdoors and hiking through mountains so we decided to visit a new place to explore. Telluride is a dreamy town surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. We flew out in late September when the trees were full of bright yellow and red leaves. The weather was a perfect crisp with lots of sunshine. It was truly like a scene from a fairy tale. Although I had a feeling that Greg would propose soon, I had no clue that he would do it in Colorado since it was my birthday trip and I thought it would be strange if he popped the question on my birthday. The day before my actual birthday, we planned to take a hike up to Bridal Falls. The hike took about 3 hours because Greg had a terrible back sprain from a work injury and there were many times when I thought we weren’t going to make it up to the top. Between being distracted with the breathtaking views of Telluride and worrying about Greg’s back, the thought of a possible proposal didn’t even cross my mind.

We finally made it to the top right under the waterfall and I noticed Greg became very fidgety and kept walking away from me. I was distracted by a couple of hikers and their dogs, but as soon as they walked away I turned around to see Greg down on one knee. I can’t remember his speech or my reaction or if I even said yes!, but I remember feeling all kinds of emotions. My attention went from the beautiful views of the mountains to the stunning diamond on my finger! We were both so excited that we wanted to run down that mountain and tell our friends and family!

When we arrived back to our hotel, we had champagne waiting for us from the wonderful staff. While reminiscing on what just happened, I told Greg that I always envisioned getting engaged on top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful scenery and he shared with me that he always saw himself proposing under a waterfall. At that moment we knew that this was meant to be and that we had something special. We began talking a little bit about the wedding and decided on a date right away. Greg and I want to enjoy our engagement and take our time planning our wedding without any stress or pressure for time. We will be Mr. and Mrs. on 10.20.18!

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