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I’m actually the planner, designer, and director who put this all together. Here’s how it happened:

Edward called my company and inquired about planning a proposal and he told me his story about how he is a retired Marine and he lost his wife 10 years ago and how he didn’t think he’d find love again, he was depressed amongst other challenges, a widowed father and his world was crumbling down around him. Until one day he met Turkessha. His new lovely fiancé. Turkessha brought him out of the dark and back in to the light and after his long journey she stood by his side the whole way.

So after all this time he felt it was time to propose to his best friend but didn’t want just any proposal. That’s where my company came in. We set up a dinner reservation for the couple, explained to the restaurant what we were doing so they would make sure to give them the ultimate experience without ruining the surprise. We then got ahold of one of our vendors and some actors and created the surprise proposal you see in this video. What you don’t see is the parts where the actors are doing a proposal to make it look like we are doing a product release commercial.

Edward Mosley's Proposal in North Clearwater Beach, FL

Edward Mosley and Turkessha Nicole's Engagement in North Clearwater Beach, FL

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The photographer walked up to the couple, in the crowd around us, and explained that he was an intern shooting a new product release for a company and asked if they were a couple. Turkessha said yes. Then the photographer proceeded to ask if they would mind participating in our product release commercial and she walked right into it and said “Sure”.

Once we got the two down to the “Marry Me” Letters we explained what we wanted Edward to do and showed Turkessha the empty ring box. The Photographer then took Turkessha to the side to explain her role and what he wanted her to do as I was putting the ring into the box, gave the box to Edward and then proceeded to put the lapel mic on him.

Once everything was in place, I called out “Action” and Edward dropped to one knee, proposed then opened the box.

There was a slight delay in Turkessha’s reaction. When she saw there was a ring in the box, reality set in and she realized that this was a real proposal.

There were some serious emotions flying this night with tears of happiness and laughter. We had a big crowd behind us watching on and the funniest thing was, they didn’t realize it was real until they saw the ring and her reaction. Then everyone started yelling, clapping and congratulating the couple. It was a great day on the beach for a surprise proposal.

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