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How We Met

My fiance and I were both raised in Northeast Ohio, and attended Kent State University. Despite what we joke about as many near miss encounters, it wasn’t until after college that we finally met, and quickly realized we had something special.

Our first date was on the street we now call home. We went to the Greenhouse Tavern rooftop for drinks and then had tacos at Barrio to round out the evening. I was immediately impressed upon learning Ed’s full name (Edvards) and about his interesting and unique Latvian heritage. My fiance tells me he loved my vivacious personality :)

We connected right away on shared values of our families and friends, giving back in our communities, a healthy lifestyle and a love of travel (you can search our adventures at #WeAreReallyGoodatVacation on instagram.)

Not a day goes by that we don’t comment on how lucky we are to have met, and have each other in our lives. My fiance is the best person I’ve ever met and I am so happy to be his partner!

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how they asked

Earlier in the year, we began discussing our adventures for the future. When the topic of traveling through Europe was discussed, my fiance now tells me that he knew this would be the moment he’d ask me to be his wife. (I had no idea!)

It’s hard to imagine that places like Slovenia exist in this world. A land of picturesque mountain villages, and habited by some of the kindest people that exhibit that ‘old world’ charm, Slovenia is Europe’s best kept secret.

When my fiance woke on October 16, 2016 in Lake Bled Slovenia, he said he knew it was going to be the day. It was a brisk Autumn morning. The leaves had already begun to show color and their was a gentle fog hovering over Lake Bled.

The morning started with him rowing me to Bled Island, where he carried me up 99 steps of a Baroque stairway to a 14th century church. Local lore stated that a marriage would be blessed with a lifetime of happiness if the groom carried the bride up all the stairs to the top of the church. I remember laughing when we got to the island and trying to begin walking up the stairs when he stopped me, and absolutely did carry me up all those steps! It was adorable.

Later that afternoon, we went on an adventure on a poorly marked trail we hoped would lead us to a picturesque view of Lake Bled. Needless to say, we got totally lost and wound up eating lunch in a tree house overlooking a meadow. #lifegoals

As evening neared, he tells me now, he knew that night was going to be it. We had made reservations to eat a five course dinner at Bled Castle. Edvards also had discreetly taken the engagement ring out of the box, and had slipped it in the watch pocket of his pants – that way, it wouldn’t be obvious anything was concealed.

The castle, oldest in Slovenia was situated on a cliff overlooking Lake Bled. Due to the hospitality of the owner (we affectionately referred to him as ‘one eye’) of the bed and breakfast they were staying at, we were given a private table in the corner of the Bled Castle restaurant, with a view of Lake Bled that was simply breathtaking.

My wonderful fiance would tell you he was ‘cool, calm, and collected’ during dinner, but I noticed his appetite wasn’t quite there and a slight flush in his face. We had started the dinner facing each other across the table. Towards the end of the fourth course, Edvards took a seat next to me. As we talked, the moment revealed itself. As his heart was racing, he asked the question that was on his mind. He gave me a one-of-a-kind Slovenian engagement ring he had purchased earlier in the week.

After some tears and exchanged looks from a group of Korean tourists that didn’t quite understand what was going on, we began a two week vacation backpacking through Europe together as a newly engaged, ecstatic couple.

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(castle in the background)

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(in the treehouse)

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(right after we got engaged, hence the red eyes on my end)