Eduardo and Traci

how we met

Traci: To give you some background on our relationship, we met when we were teenagers when he began working at the same health club I was working at in our home town. We worked together for about 6 months before we went on our first date. He said he had never been to the Cheesecake Factory–which was not the truth!–and said that we should go together. We set up the date and later realized we had unknowingly set it for Valentines Day but decided to go anyways! We had an amazing time and have been together ever since. This Valentines day will be our 10 year anniversary as a couple. During our relationship we both went to the same junior college before transferring to UC Davis together. After that, Eduardo decided to pursue law school in LA at Pepperdine and I started graduate school at USC for health administration. We now live together and love to watch movies, cook, and visit our families in Northern California (which live about 5 miles away from each other!) We also both love animals, especially dogs.

how they asked

Eduardo: Traci and I have been together for quite a long time, almost ten years! As such, I wanted to make her proposal as special and magical as possible, as she deserved nothing less. I began planning the proposal by discretely taking notes for months prior of anything she expressed an interest in: rolling hills, sunsets, roses, and of particular songs she had come to love. My goal was to create her dream proposal, one that combined the many elements that I knew she would adore in order to create a production that would demonstrate how important she was to me.

To show my commitment to her, I created this experience from scratch. I planned everything right down to the minutia so as to be specifically tailored to her desires. I designed her engagement ring (which took about three months) and I researched for weeks for the perfect location (I wanted one that had beautiful views and fairytale-like grounds and structures within which to set up the proposal). I ended up electing the Grand Fairmont Del Mar, a 5 star resort nestled in the rolling green mountains and golf greens of Carmel Valley. I reserved a room for several nights and created an elaborate plan. I worked with the resort’s concierge staff, (Ms. Kierstie) for several weeks to create the perfect proposal. I visited the grounds prior to the big day to scope out the perfect location to pop the question; I researched the weather for that week, and of the sunset times to ensure the lighting would be perfect- I wanted a cotton candy backdrop for pictures. I had concierge de-petal a dozen roses, and spread them across the floor of the ivory colored gazebo, which was located at the end of a crystalline blue reflection pool and had a backdrop of beautiful green rolling hills. I had a table set up in the gazebo with a beautiful one dozen rose arrangement, a hidden Bluetooth speaker which would be playing her favorite romantic songs and I placed several framed pictures of us to remind my beloved of how amazing our relationship had been throughout the years. I had her favorite champagne chilling on a stand. The proposal was to be done at four pm sharp, with pictures to follow.

To get her from the room to the proposal site, I created an elaborate story. I wrote out several notes with instructions for her to follow. I placed them through out the room for her to find whilst she showered, which ultimately resulted in her finding 6 gifts under our bed. Four boxes contained dresses that I picked out and purchased for her; another contained high heel shoes; and yet another contained a shawl and jewelry. Her instructions where for her to pick the dress she liked best and for her to be ready by 4pm, as at that time she would be picked up by hotel staff: she was under the impression that we had dinner reservations at a restaurant in the city.

The result was a scene from a Hollywood film. She was driven to me, as I stood waiting for her at the gazebo. Music was paying, the sun was setting, and the red rose petals scattered throughout the ivory colored gazebo.

After our proposal we were driven to a five star French restaurant called Addison, where we enjoyed a multi course meal paired with wine and champagne. The evening was magical. The concierge staff of the Grand was absolutely stupendous and made it all happen without a hitch. My fiancé was in absolute awe, as was I. It could not have resulted in amore romantic and perfect evening; the event was precisely how I envisioned.

The goal was to launch our lives together on a beautiful note, and that is precisely what happened. We are both excited for the next chapter in our lives, and will forever remember the beautiful scene that occurred on the evening of December 17th, 2016.

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