Edmund and Danielle

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How We Met

We met in high school but we’re far from high school sweethearts. We didn’t have any classes together and I would describe us as complete opposites! My only image of him during high school was “the boy that plays the drums at a school assembly,” meanwhile I do not have a musical bone in my body. It was only after high school that I realised we were more alike than on the surface. We became close friends and it turned into an attraction to one another. We spent hours on the phone talking about how we wanted to travel the world and we were always on the hunt for the best Japanese restaurant in Sydney. Almost five years later, we have travelled to multiple countries and are still trying every Japanese restaurant we can. Eddy and I are different and the same in the most perfect way, and I think the combination of our similarities and differences is what made us grow such a strong connection.

How They Asked

Anne (my best friend) and I had planned to spend the day together and Eddy told me we were having a date night later that night. On the day, Anne told me I have a make-up appointment at 2 pm and that’s when I connected the dots. I don’t wear makeup often so I thought that surely this must be it. I mentally prepared myself all day, I was excited but nervous that I had overthought things. We arrived at the Crown hotel at around 6 pm and when we arrived at the lobby, I saw Eddy walking out looking so incredibly handsome.

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He said he had a surprise planned for me upstairs and we proceeded to make out way up the elevators. I remember him being nervous and extra giggly. Once we arrived on the correct floor, he asked me to close my eyes and proceeded to walk me through a door. He then asked me to open my eyes and in front of me was the most beautiful set up with gorgeous white roses and “marry me” lit up against the view of Sydney. Even though I had mentally prepared myself, the moment was overwhelming and I felt so incredibly special that he had organised this for me. Most of what happened afterwards was a blur but I remember he got down on one knee and asked me the best question, of course, I said yes! As I thought the surprise was over, a bunch of our closest friends popped out of the bedroom door. It was the most perfect proposal!

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