Edith and Jose

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How We Met

My fiancé and I met at UC Santa Barbara through a mutual friend who will now be one of my bridesmaids. Since UC Santa Barbara my fiancé has commissioned and is now in the ARMY and is currently deployed in South Korea.

how they asked

My fiancé proposed on May 19th 2017 a week before he deployed to South Korea. He proposed at the LACMA lights where he has asked me to be his girlfriend 3 and a half years ago. He did not have a photographer, but when we were walking around LACMA a random gentleman with a camera asked us if we would mind being photographer by him as he was an upcoming photographer. He took a couple pictures and then my fiancé asked him to take one more. I put on some more lipstick and when I was ready for the picture I saw him on one knee. I asked if what was happening was real and heard the photographer (who was a random man) say “Holy Crap!” The gentleman with the camera took many pictures and then even took pictures of us afterwards. We gave him our email as he was very nice and said he would send them to us. My fiancé and I were obviously very excited/emotional and did not get his contact info (I know silly us). Its been over two months and we have not received anything, which we are very sad over which is why we want to share our story to see if there is anyway we can get this on social media and have the photographer see this post. We are more than willing to pay for the pictures as they are very dear to our hearts.

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