Edith and Adrien

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How We Met

We met online! On OkCupid to be exact, at the start of 2011. We both recently got out of serious relationships and got encouraged by friends to join an online dating site. We were both on there for only a brief time before finding one another and closing our accounts.

how they asked

We were on vacation in Guatemala with a group of ten close friends. One of the days while in Tikal we went to the ancient Mayan ruins. Adrien got our tour guide (unbeknownst to me) to set it up so that there was a bit of an opening in tours at one of the temples, in the part called The Lost World. The guide had him climb to the top of the temple first, and then I followed. When I got to the top Adrien proposed with the view of all the ancient ruins around us. It was really beautiful and I was winded from the climb and just overwhelmed. Our friends climbed behind me and were able to take a bunch of photos, which was very special. We are getting married at GILBERTSVILLE FARMHOUSE !

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