Edith and Adam


How We Met

We met online in late October/early November of 2014. We started chatting and before I knew it, I gave him my number on his birthday so we can text each other since we both could not use the dating site to chat that day. From the time I gave him my number, we started texting each other a lot through out the day. After talking for over two months, we went on our first date on 12/22/2014.  He officially asked me to his girlfriend a couple days before Valentine’s day of 2014.

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how they asked

He said he knew he wanted to propose around 4th of July 2015. When he found out I had 03/07/15 off, he asked me if I could go on a road trip with him but would not say where. He asked me to be at his place by 8am and I was like, no way, it’s my day off and I really need to get some sleep. He kept saying he would really love it if I showed up at 8am but I knew there was no way. When I was talking to my mom about it, she said I should just show up at 8am like he asked. So I showed up at 8 the next day, very sleepy and he was waiting for me in the driveway ready to go.

We got in the car and after an hour, I noticed we were going towards up north (I live in Michigan). A couple hours later, I saw the sign for Mackinaw Bridge and I texted my mom that I think he was taking me up north. I had asked him numerous times where we were going and he would not say anything. I was starting to get mad because he was not talking to me and looked very nervous. I thought maybe he was going to break up with me but did not understand why he had to drive for seven hours for that. We finally arrived at this beautiful beach called Pictured Rocks and I took my shoes off and started walking around the shores and skipping rocks by myself since Adam was not talking to me. He kept looking towards the entrance like he was expecting someone.

Finally he told me to stop skipping rocks and took both my hands. When I looked through his eyes, they were full of tears and he was shaking. Then he said one of my favorites quotes from Grey’s Anatomy “You came into my life when I was sinking and saved me” or something like that and said more sweet words I cannot remember because I was shaking and nervous myself and down on his knees he went and asked me to marry me and I said yes. He then told me to turn around and there was a photographer that captured the moment and we took engagement pictures right after.

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We got married 40 days later, our venue overlooked Lake Michigan and we have been living happily ever after.

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