Edit and Etienne's Proposal Story

how they asked: After giving Etienne lectures about how important it is for me to get married, and how much I wanted to get married for 2 years, I was slowly starting to give up. My fiancé had been dealing with some financial hardships in the last year and he had just started up a new job so I really thought he was NOT going to be able to save up enough money to get me a ring.

With that in mind, I redirected all my energy to my studies as I was in the midst of getting my Masters degree. It was during the Fall quarter of 2010, with midterms quickly approaching, and I was very stressed out! On top of everything else, I was planning a huge 25th birthday bash for myself that month. With everything else on my mind, I decided to cancel my birthday party and just enjoy my time with a few friends. Upon cancelling my birthday, my fiancé decided he was going to surprise me by taking me to Puddingstone Hot Tub Resort, a place I’ve been pushing him to take me to all year long.

He said he was going to take me there that Sunday to help relax and take a break from all my studies. I was frustrated with him because I was too busy for a break, though he had gone ahead and paid for something that he claimed was “non-refundable.” Knowing I would go if he said that, I accepted and we drove out to Monrovia on 10/10/10. I had suspicions that he might be proposing because he NEVER plans for sporadic “breaks” and of all days 10/10/10?

Typically I would investigate and ruin my own surprises, but knowing this might be it, I decided to just let it be. We got our room and it was the most beautiful place ever!!! With our own private hot tub resort overlooking the mountains and sunset, rose pedals around the tub and a bottle of apple cider, we began to enjoy ourselves. I remember thinking, “he’s going to propose, what’s with the rose pedals?”

I got into the hot tub, he followed me in, then I thought “What the heck? He didn’t propose, no way he’s got a ring on him, he’s half naked!!!”

Much to my surprise, after a few moments in the water, he said, “I have a question to ask you.” I said “okayyyyyy?” He asked, “Will you marry me?” and took the ring out from his pocket (who would have thought?). I looked at him, I looked at the ring, I look back at him, then back at the ring and kept repeating “are you serious? Is this real? You’re serious?” He finally said “yes I’m serious, are you going to answer my question?” so I said “YES!!! And screamed very loudly.” He placed the ring on my finger (two sizes too large-oops! but still beautiful).

I was the happiest girl that night and continue to be the happiest girl now, to be blessed with a man like him. He made that night very memorable and sweet for us.

Photography by Meghan Christine Photography, out of Southern California. Meghan does weddings, engagements, portraits, and more.