Edie and Braden

Image 1 of Edie and BradenHow we met: We met in high school. I was a sophomore, he was a junior. It was 2 weeks from the end of the school year and the last bell had just rung. I saw him for the first time and I had no idea who he was but I knew he was HOT! I rode the bus home with my best friend, Jake just like I always did and I told him about this kid I had seen after school. And Jake said he sounded a lot like a boy he hangs out with. Turns out, the hot boy I had seen was the same boy that was one of Jake’s best friends! So he told Braden about me and then told me that Braden wanted to meet me. So the next day we exchanged an awkward “hey.” I was so nervous to actually meet this incrediby cute guy. He later added me on Facebook and we exchanted phone numbers. We hung out nearly every day that summer and right before the next school year, we made our relationship official. And we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked: So here’s the story of how he proposed! First off, we met on Facebook. So my first clue was his message on Facebook telling me to go to “our tree” which is where we first hung out. So I go there and his brother, Ryan, is there with a balloon and a note. The note is the next clue and leads me to the place where we first held hands, which was just down the road on the next corner. (Yes we remember the exact spot where we first held hands). That note directed me to our favorite Mexican restaurant. From there he lead me to the intersection where we had our first kiss and I got that note from my mom in my dad’s jeep. We had our first kiss IN the jeep. Then he lead me to the indoor trampoline place we have here where he took me on our first date. After that, the next note took me to a cupcake place where his dad was waiting with the next note and a cupcake. Then he lead me home and gave me one hour to get all dolled up and ready. Then my mom, sister, and Ryan took me back to Braden’s house. They have a beautiful Spanish villa type house and a big staircase leading up to a patio on the second floor and it was magical! There were rose petals and candles and beautiful lights and it looked amazing! And I went up the stairs where he was waiting at the top. And he held my hands in his and told me how much he loves me and then he pulled out the ring and got down on his knee in front of both our families and asked me to marry him!